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The Museo de Arte Popular of Mexico City and Wikimedia México agree to collaborate online to promote Mexican handcrafts and folk art


The Museo de Arte Popular or MAP and Wikimedia México have agreed to develop projects on
line to promote knowledge about Mexican handcrafts and folk art on Wikipedia, the world’s
largest encyclopedia and fifth largest website.

The MAP joins other notable institutions such as the British Museum and the Smithsonian
Institution in collaborating with local affiliates of the Wikimedia Foundation, the parent of

The Museo de Arte Popular has been dedicated to promoting Mexican crafts nationally and
internationally since it was established in 2006 and is probably best known as the sponsor of
the annual Monumental Alebrije Parade. Wikimedia México is a new non-profit educational
organization dedicated to disseminating knowledge on Wikipedia in the Spanish and indigenous
languages of Mexico as well as knowledge about Mexico in any 270 languages represented in

This partnership will allow information and images about Mexican handcrafts and folk art to be far
more widely disseminated and appreciated than would otherwise be the case. Not only images of
crafts will be included but also of artisans, workshops and events, all of which will be made readily
available to a worldwide audience.

Photo: (this is under a Creative
Commons license in Wikimedia Commons) with caption “Example of a monumental alebrije on
parade from the Museo de Arte Popular”


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